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Many people believe that abuse of prescription drugs like Vicodin, Morphine, Adderall, and Valium is not as dangerous as using heroin or cocaine.  The truth is that many prescription medications can be as lethal and as addictive as street drugs if misused.  Out of the over 22,000 overdose deaths in 2005, almost 40 percent of them were due to prescription drug abuse.  According to the CDC, prescription drug abuse was responsible for more deaths in 2012 than car accidents. Call New Britain Drug Rehab today at 860-207-8353.

Accepting there is a problem

If someone is regularly taking prescription drugs without consulting a doctor or following medical recommendations, they may be a victim of prescription drug abuse. It is often difficult to differentiate legitimate use of these drugs and addiction.  If an individual displays the following symptoms, they may have a drug abuse problem:

  • They take more medication than your doctor authorized
  • They hide medication around the house
  • They take them in high risk situations like while driving or at work
  • They take them even when they are not in pain or feeling anxious
  • They use friends and family to acquire new prescriptions
  • They start experiencing withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop taking the medication

Seeking Help

If someone is suffering from prescription drug abuse, the best way to escape it is to seek help from a successful drug abuse and addiction program.  It requires qualified medical care to analyze their addiction, medical and psychological situation and apply the proper treatment.  If a person is still suffering from chronic pain or a psychological disorder, which requires medication, it will take a doctor to prescribe a drug that doesn’t exacerbate their addiction.  If they are showing symptoms, but have no physiological basis for them, psychoanalytical treatments may be required to assist them in adjusting to a chemical free lifestyle.

The more qualified and experienced the attending addiction staff is, the greater the chances of a successful treatment and recovery.  This begins at the intake, where a qualified professional must correctly diagnose all of a patient’s conditions.  This person must determine if the patient’s health issues are real or merely symptoms of the addiction.  He or she must then develop a substance abuse and treatment protocol that effectively remedies both the health issues as well as the behavior associated with substance dependence.  Familiarity with the most current prescription drug abuse therapies is extremely helpful in this type of treatment, as is extensive knowledge of pharmacological compounds.

After Treatment

Recovery from prescription drug abuse and misuse can be a prolonged process, but it is attainable.  Once inpatient or outpatient treatment is completed, patients may wish to continue their therapy sessions with a licensed counselor or psychologist who can help monitor their progress.  It is also important to involve family members and friends who can assist in the recovery process and alert any drug abuse and treatment experts if they suspect a relapse.

For more information about prescription drug abuse, and how to get help, please contact New Britain Drug Rehab at 860-207-8353.

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