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Narcotics Anonymous is an international organization dedicated to narcotic addiction recovery. It emerged from the Alcoholics Anonymous program, and some of the first meetings were held in the 1950’s in the state of California. Over the next 20 years, it spread to countries all around the world. Today it holds more than 60, 000 meetings a week and groups can be found in over 100 countries. Call New Britain Drug Rehab today at 860-207-8353.

Much like AA, Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step program that focuses on providing a safe and supportive environment where drug addicts and recovering addicts alike can find the help they need to get clean and stay sober.  There is no distinction between the type of drugs someone uses or the amount they use; all are welcomed to Narcotics Anonymous as long as they are looking for help with their substance abuse problem.

Members are not judged or made to feel ashamed of their drug use. The organization provides people with the help they need through the recovery process.

The 12 steps of recovery include:

  1. Admitting that they have no control over their addiction, and that their lives have spun out of control.
  2. Believing that a great power can restore their mental wellbeing
  3. Surrendering their lives and their will over to God
  4. Self-examination
  5. Admitting to themselves, God and others that they are flawed
  6. They are ready and willing to let God and their faith eliminate their flaws
  7. Asking God to forgive and do away with their inadequacies
  8. Make a list of those that have been harmed as a result of their drug dependence and be willing to make amends
  9. Make amends with those who have been hurt, except when doing so causes greater pain
  10. Continue to self-examination and admit when they are wrong
  11. Pray and meditate in order to improve their relationship with God or their faith
  12. Have a spiritual breakthrough as a result of following the 12 steps and carry what they have learned on to others who are suffering from drug abuse and carry it into all other areas of their life.

These 12 steps are usually tackled one by one, but some people struggling with substance dependency, will revisit some of the steps or focus on some more than others through their recovery journey.

Anonymity is especially important for all individuals who join NA. They value privacy, discretion and respect above all else. Everyone’s journey is different and sacred, and the members of NA expect everyone to follow certain guidelines:

  • Every member merits respect
  • Everyone has the right to share their personal experience if they want to. If they do not feel comfortable sharing, they are not forced to.
  • Members only know one another on a first name basis, and what happens in meetings is never disclosed.
  • During some meetings, special guests may be in attendance to share and speak about their own personal experience.
  • NA does not charge any monetary fees. Any money that is given is donated voluntarily
  • Any public or religious spaces used to hold meeting do not have any affiliation to the organization itself.

Narcotics Anonymous

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