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Narcotics, prescription drugs and alcohol are all powerful substances which can impact the brain and body.  The long term abuse of drugs can lead to substance dependence and produce significant changes in the pathways of the brain, which are the foundation for psychological addiction. The body becomes so accustomed to the presence of these chemicals that it cannot function without them.  Addiction essentially becomes the natural state of the drug addict. The best way to treat an addiction to drugs and alcohol is to seek help at a drug treatment center. Finding a drug treatment program is essential to escaping this disease. With the aid of powerful medications, as well as counseling, a substance abuser can overcome his or her dependence on drugs or alcohol. An intensive drug treatment program can provide the patient with useful techniques to avoid future relapse.

Physicians will assist the patient through the medical detox process. Medical professionals, with years of experience treating recovering addicts, will preside over the drug detoxification process.  They will administer medication that can alleviate the withdrawal symptoms, and provide therapy, which can make psychological cravings for drugs and alcohol more manageable.  These highly qualified doctors and nurses provide effective, compassionate medical care around the clock, so that every symptom can be quickly and thoroughly remedied.

Physicians and psychiatrists will remain involved in the drug abuse rehab process and even follow inpatient treatment.  They provide effective medications like Naloxone and Suboxone to cope with the urge to use again. These professionals are also available to remedy psychiatric and physical issues which may arise during treatment. Call New Britain Drug Rehab at 860-207-8353 now to find more about treatment options. An addiction recovery specialist will help you with a substance abuse telephone assessment and tell you more about options available to assist you in your recovery.

The other component of addiction treatment is psychoanalysis and behavioral management.  The addict will undergo thorough psychoanalysis so that any issues, which contribute to the addiction behavior, can be identified and treated.  This may include childhood traumas or major burdens like professional or family stress.

Behavioral management teaches patients to develop and use recovery tools that they can utilize in high risk situations.  In most cases, the patient is taught to remove themselves from such a situation and seek support.

A New Lifestyle can Help Maintain Your Sobriety

In addition to these cognitive techniques, treatment and recovery will also encourage drug users to adopt more positive lifestyles.  This may include a regular exercise routine, which increases endorphins and makes patients feel good. It may involve adopting a health-conscious lifestyle, which enables close monitoring of mind and body.  Many recovering addicts also respond quite well to religious or meditative activities, which aid in maintaining a psychological equilibrium. For those who have trouble stopping their thoughts about drugs or alcohol, they are encouraged to find fulfillment in active lifestyles with a number of hobbies and community activities.

To learn more about New Britain Drug Rehab please call 860-207-8353. Combining different types of programs, our patients receive the help they need to recuperate from the torments of their addictions.

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