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The process of drug detox involves the removal of toxins from the body by abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Patients who choose to register for inpatient treatment will be under the care of highly trained and experienced addiction physicians while undergoing drug detox.  These addiction rehabilitation specialists will provide the medications and therapies necessary to ease patients from a chemically dependent state to one that is free from substance abuse. Call New Britain Drug Rehab today at 860-207-8353.

A successful drug detox requires a dedicated team of medical professionals and rehab experts.  These substance abuse and treatment specialists have helped thousands of people overcome their drug and alcohol abuse, and they will use their vast expertise to expedite the process of recovery.  With their assistance, patients can build a strong foundation for recovery that will help them remain sober through the rest of their lives.

The psychotherapists who manage the individual, group and family counseling sessions are there to help patients and family members understand the motivations for their drug or alcohol abuseDrug abuse and alcohol addiction are almost always rooted in psychological issues like stress, unresolved emotional wounds or feelings of inadequacy.  With the help of the professional staff at drug detox centers, patients can gain insight into those issues and be able to manage them.  They will also learn to manage those feelings rather than be bound by them.

The ultimate goal of any drug detoxification program is to help patients achieve sobriety and maintain it for the rest of their lives.  They use a two pronged approach which utilizes medication management and psychological counseling.  Medications like Topamax and Suboxone can eliminate or reduce psychological cravings by blocking the effects of alcohol and narcotics on the brain.  These treatment and recovery techniques have proven highly effective both in short term and long term cases.

Ongoing counseling is a huge advantage for recovering addicts.  Through counseling, you can find emotional support as you struggle to maintain your sobriety.  You can also use this as an outlet for your emotions, which would otherwise force you to use again. Counseling also helps reinforce the lessons learned in residential addiction rehabilitation.

Having a Strong Support System

One of the most powerful ways of avoiding a relapse is to have a very strong support system. Family and friends who care and understand the struggle of addiction can assist patients through the recovery process.   Relatives can provide emotional support, which can offer patients a strong incentive to remain clean. They can also act as reliable partners who can lend their support when the challenges of life threaten the patient’s resolve. Outside support groups such as NA or AA can be of great assistance to individuals struggling with drug abuse, as well as for those who are trying to maintain their sobriety.

If you or a loved one is in need of drug detoxification, and need to learn more about the process please contact New Britain Drug Rehab at 860-207-8353.

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