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Cocaine Withdrawal Timeline

Withdrawal for any drug can be difficult. Every person has a unique situation and specific needs that need to be considered during the detox process. Every drug produces different withdrawal symptoms. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms, but the following phases are common with cocaine withdrawal.

Cocaine Withdrawal Timeline

The first phase of withdrawal from cocaine happens within the first few hours and days after the individual stops taking the drug. In this stage, users experience what is called a “crash”.  For those who are addicted to cocaine, the withdrawal symptoms can be very intense. They can experience feelings of depression, irritability and anxiety. Some may feel lethargic or sleepy for a long time or feel exhausted or fatigued.

The second part of the withdrawal process from cocaine may produce intense cravings. Addicts coming off the drug may start to display signs of anxiety or obsession. They become fixated on the drug, wanting it at all times, and not knowing what to do without it. These feelings can last up to 10 weeks for full-blown addicts. Symptoms like irritability, confusion and lethargy may increase during this phase.

The last phase occurs after the 10 week mark, and is characterized by fewer cravings that eventually taper off. The cravings in this stage may be more random and less intense than in phase two. The recovering addict’s environment can play a crucial role in his or her recovery. If they continue to hang out with friends that use the drug or attend places where it is readily available, they may develop strong cravings once again.

After about 30 weeks of no cocaine use, most people’s cravings go away. This may not be true for everyone, but most former drug users who have followed their treatment plan and stayed clean, should not experience a desire for the drug.

Staying healthy through cocaine withdrawal

Abstinence and avoidance are vital to the detox and recovery process. Addicts should avoid triggers that could potentially cause them to abuse the drug again. Staying away from old friends who do drugs and from places where drugs are available is strongly encouraged. Having a strong support system is also essential to maintaining sobriety. Close friends and family members can be a great source of assistance and encouragement during this time. It is important to stay active through exercise and hobbies that help take the addict’s mind off the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Attending regular support group meetings or therapy sessions can also help keep recovering addicts stay healthy and on track with their recovery.

Withdrawing from cocaine is not an easy feat. It is a difficult and challenging process, but it can be done. With a strong support system and commitment to living a drug free life, recovery from addiction is possible. Call 860-207-8353 today to get more information about drug detox and getting help through the withdrawal process.

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