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New Britain Detox Treatment

New Britain detox treatment fast detoxification city view illicit prescription drug addiction rehabilitation center Connecticut rehab Rapid detox treatment is a procedure performed by medical professionals in a fully equipped medical setting. It helps reduce the withdrawal discomfort of such drugs as:

Use and Effects of Fentanyl New Britain, CT

Fentanyl New Britain drug rehab prescription drugs opioids addiction treatment Connecticut rehabilitation center Fentanyl, also known as Abstral, Fentora, Duragesic and Sublimaze is an opioid pain medication. It works in our brain and alters the way our body perceives and responds to pain. This medication is commonly used as a part of anesthesia for surgery recovery and as a pain reliever. Fentanyl comes as a patch, injection, ... Read More →

Heroin Abuse Puts Pressure On Connecticut Schools To Get Antidote

opiate treatment The heroin epidemic in Connecticut schools is putting pressure on staff to keep naloxone, a fast-acting antidote, on hand and make it a staple of first-aid kits. At least five states this year adopted... Read More →

Methamphetamine Abuse

Methamphetamine Abuse Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that changes the chemistry of the brain and has serious effects on the body. It increases the release of dopamine, and gives the user a strong and rapid euphoric rush. Because the rush does not last long, the user may increase the dose to produce the same feeling they got the first time. A... Read More →

Alcohol: A Young Adult’s Journey

Alcohol Abuse Underage drinking has grown rapidly both on a national and international level. According to a Harvard Health Publication, boys will have their first drink earlier on than girls. Young adults aged 18 to 25 have the highest percentage of alcohol abuse problems. While most young adults would like to contemplate the idea of a perfect ... Read More →

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