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Almost 17 million Americans suffer from alcohol addiction.  Because alcohol is available on almost every street corner, and is an integral part of many social events, it can be difficult to avoid.  Alcohol addiction can be a tough problem to face, but recovery is possible.  Numerous people have succeeded in battling their alcohol addiction, and many of them have done so with the help of alcohol addiction treatment centers. Call New Britain Drug Rehab today at 860-207-8353.

The economic costs of alcoholism in America total more than $220 billion each year.  This cost is expressed in hospitalization, lost work days, and criminal proceedings. Alcohol addiction takes an enormous toll on personal relationships, family dynamics and career.  Spouses and children must endure the pain and suffering of watching a loved one descend into addiction, and some may even be subject to emotional or physical abuse.

A key part of alcohol rehabilitation treatment is to identify people who the addict has emotionally or physically hurt. The patient must then make amends with those individuals and try to repair the relationships.  This helps to relieve the user of the psychological burden of guilt, while also restoring a connection, which they can rely on as they recover.  These relationships with friends and family are critical to the long term sobriety of the alcoholic. Having fulfilling, loving relationships can provide a powerful incentive to remain sober as well as supportive partners who can offer encouragement when the possibility of relapse threatens.

Long term alcohol use does not always lead to addiction. For addiction to develop there are usually a number of contributing psychological issues. Intensive psychoanalysis deconstructs those issues and provides a keen understanding of why alcohol has become an emotional crutch.  The alcohol and drug counseling team will help the patient properly address those issues.  If emotional wounds must be healed, then the team will help the addict to confront past traumas and move past them.  The alcohol addiction professionals will also help patients deal with unbearable stresses in their lives, and assist them in developing strategies to cope with them.

The enormity of the alcohol abuse problem in the United States has fueled a great deal of research.  Addiction research aims to find new and innovative ways to treat people with substance abuse problems.  The symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol can be very intense for some. They can include nausea, insomnia, anxiety, confusion, seizures and restlessness, among others. Certain medications can be used to ease the pain of withdrawal. Campral, for example, is taken three times a day, and has been shown to reduce the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Naloxone blocks receptors in the brain that are responsible for the pleasurable feeling produced by alcohol, and also helps to ease cravings.

Other forms of treatment are vital to the recovery process. Cognitive behavioral therapy, for example, is used to identify and change negative thoughts and thought patterns. This helps patients create a more positive outlook on their lives, and helps them to focus on their goals and achievements.

12- step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous serve as a great source of support for addicts and recovering alcoholics. Through meetings, members can bond over shared experiences and serve as a support system for one another. New members can find sponsors who will keep them on track, and whom they can reach out to if they feel tempted or at risk for relapse.

Recovery from alcoholism is possible. To find out more about alcohol treatment programs available, please call New Britain Drug Rehab at 860-207-8353.

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