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Many addiction treatment programs around the country use the latest scientific research to govern their addiction therapies. This evidence-based approach has helped thousands of alcohol and drug addicts to overcome their drug dependence and lead a happy, fulfilling life. The science of addiction in recent years has unlocked why and how chemicals produce addictions and this discovery has led to breakthroughs in new medications and psychological treatment techniques. Call New Britain Drug Rehab today at 860-207-8353.

Medical professionals, including physicians, nurses and psychiatrists, work very closely with licensed psychologists and counselors to provide a holistic treatment for drug addiction.  This requires constant dialogue about new therapies, so that no technique overlaps or negates another.  These two parts of the addiction treatment team must also work closely when treating complex cases like dual diagnosis (i.e. addiction and mental illness) or prescription drug addiction.

In addition to superior medical and psychological care, many addiction treatment facilities provide patients with comfortable surroundings to make their transition through treatment easier.  They offer residents a variety of recreational activities and alternative therapies to help them take their minds off of their drug of abuse.

Most importantly, the staff is trained to offer their service with compassion and respect. In modern drug addiction rehab treatment, it is well understood that good treatment is much more beneficial for the recovery and well-being of the patients. In order to provide a positive addiction therapy experience, the staff works tirelessly to ease this difficult transition to sobriety.  Although there is a firm commitment to long term sobriety, rehabilitation personnel are devoted to helping patients complete treatment successfully.

Following Residential Treatment

Following residential inpatient rehabilitation, there are a number of changes that will occur in the life of the addict.  First of all, he or she will return to society where they access to drugs and alcohol once again.  This is a critical process which must be handled delicately. In many cases, close friends and family members will be asked to help monitor their performance and alert a recovery addiction specialist if there is a relapse. They will need to use the recovery tools they learned and acquired during treatment to avoid pitfalls.

Medical intervention can also help maintain sobriety. There are a number of medications which inhibit the effects of opiates and alcohol.  These can ward off the impulse to use and remove any of the pleasurable rewards of using.  Psychological counseling can also help maintain emotional equilibrium, which is critical to lifelong sobriety.

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