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Addiction Treatment
Group therapy, family therapy and self-help meetings are fundamental in substance abuse treatment.
One-on-one sessions with a counselor can also be a very useful form of therapy for addiction treatment due to the following reasons:

  • They provide patients with a place to work on their own emotional problems which are too delicate or tough to share in a group setting.
  • They provide time to talk about motives that can interfere with their sobriety goals.
  • They can enhance group therapy and help patients stay devoted to the treatment.
  • They can assist patients to continue working on psychological issues related to drug use after the substance abuse treatment program has ended.

Individual therapy is valuable to many individuals, and it works in amazing ways when joined with group therapy. Some patients might not need individual therapy to effectively treat addiction. Individual therapy can be useful when:

  • Patients are thinking about relapsing.
  • Users feel anxious or emotionally unstable.
  • Patients have relapsed in spite of their efforts to remain sober.
  • The user wants to learn about the causes of addiction and deal with the essential concerns that may have led to chemical dependency.

During the first steps of addiction treatment, individual therapy teaches patients how to quit the drug of abuse through the implementation of personalized strategies for lasting sobriety. Nevertheless, even after staying sober for a period of time and solving several of the issues produced by addiction, patients may discover that other emotional problems continue unresolved, or become obvious without drugs to disguise them. These people can find out that individual therapy can be a helpful tool for self-assessment and continuing long-term abstinence.

This form of therapy helps patients take an in depth look at the impact drugs have had on their lives. It’s a valuable tool that can assist patients in understanding their drug addiction. One-on-one therapy sessions with a therapist can help patients to learn about the role drugs played in their lives when coping with feelings and stressful circumstances. The individual format helps patients to learn about their troubles with an approach not available in a group setting. Patients enjoy the counselor’s full attention, which can help patients feel safer and more secure.

Individual therapy should be used during addiction treatment, and be combined with other forms of therapy. It can be useful in treating dual diagnosis: mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder or other major mental health conditions that require treatment separate from addiction therapy. We can help you choose the therapy option most convenient for you. Whether you choose individual or group therapy, we have a variety of treatment options to speed up your recovery. Call 860-207-8353 anytime to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have regarding addiction treatment. Being informed is the only proper way to make a decision.

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