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Drug and alcohol abuse can have devastating physical and psychological consequences. Permanent brain damage may be a result of extended use, as substance abuse only increases the desire to use drugs or alcohol regardless of the destructive individual and professional setbacks. Addiction has been classified as a brain disease.  It is not a moral failure. People from all walks of life can be affected by it. While millions suffer from drug dependency, very few people seek and receive the rehabilitation they need at a facilities such as New Britain Drug Rehab.  Many individuals struggling with chemical dependence suffer for years under the tyranny of drug abuse before they are hospitalized, incarcerated or killed. The only way to overcome this illness is to seek help from a reputable New Britain Drug Rehab program. There is an array of excuses that addicts may use to avoid treatment. New Britain Drug Rehab utilizes the latest scientific research to help patients complete the detoxification process and maintain their long-term sobriety. Treatment at New Britain Drug Rehab includes some of the most efficient medications to date and an array of therapies to deal with the common causes of substance dependence.

Medical and Psychological Therapies

Treatment begins with the detoxification phase. During detox, drug users commonly exhibit withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, cramps, diarrhea and tremors.  Most of these health issues can be effectively treated with over-the-counter medications, but if the symptoms persist or present in extreme severity, the attending physician may prescribe more effective alternatives.

Once the drug addict has completed the detox process, cleansed their body from chemicals and dealt with the physical dependence upon drugs and alcohol, they can begin the psychological counseling component of drug abuse rehab.  This intensive round of counseling will delve into the psyche of the patient to help uncover the reasons why substance abuse began and persists.  Oftentimes there is a strong psychological reason for substance dependency which must be addressed during recovery.

These counseling sessions will help identify the main triggers for alcohol and drug use.  Once these are identified, the therapists will work closely with the patient to develop coping strategies for those types of situations.  They will use behavioral therapy to help patients avoid high risk situations that may lead to a relapse.

New Britain Drug Rehab offers hope for recovery. Call now 860-207-8353 to take the necessary steps for a lasting recovery! The most compelling reason for getting help is that it will save your life, and provide you with the greatest chance at finding fulfillment and happiness once again.

Family and friends in recovery

During counseling sessions, the patient will be encouraged to involve friends and family, even those who were hurt by past actions on the part of the patient. Repairing and renewing these relationships helps to heal lingering emotional wounds and to remove an influential reason to use drugs again. More importantly, these relationships can serve as an important safety net when the addict completes their inpatient drug rehab and drug detox. With the firm support of friends and family, the drug user can withstand the temptation to abuse drugs or alcohol again.

Another key component of long term sobriety is participation in accountability groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These organizations offer one-on-one interaction through sponsors as well as group meetings. Having a reliable and responsible sponsor who has faced and overcome many of the same challenges that the recovering drug addict has or will encounter can be a tremendous source of strength and inspiration. Not only will they assist one another in avoiding a relapse, but if a relapse should occur, they are willing to provide non-judgmental assistance and encouragement.

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About New Britain

New Britain, Connecticut is one of the state’s most important cities. With a population of almost 73,000 residents, New Britain is one of the larger metropolitan areas with a wide variety of recreational diversions. New Britain was originally founded in 1687 and has a rich history. Among its claims to fame, New Britain is the home of many hardware manufacturers including The Stanley Works, Black and Decker and Corbin Locks.

New Britain has many tourist attractions including the New Britain Museum of American Art, which is the oldest museum in the country devoted to American art.  The city is also home to the New Britain Industrial Museum and the New Britain Youth Museum.  The Hole in the Wall Theater is also a popular cultural draw. One of the most famous garden landmarks in the city, with over 800 roses, is The Walnut Hill Rose Garden.

The city is the site for the Central Connecticut State University and the Hospital of Central Connecticut, which is the largest employer in the area. New Britain also hosts the New Britain Rock Cats, a minor league baseball team, which is an AA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.

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